Recent Publications

Despair Vol. 2
Anthology-esque(I have 3 pages in it), but mostly JT's house of hard ink and southern charm.
Published by J.T. Dockery

Eighty-Sixed #3
I've got 2 pages in this completely bonkers(and refreshingly sincere) horror anthology from Kansas. 
Published by 86'd Studios

New Forest and Half High cassette j-card art for Eiderdown Records.
As always, beautifully screen-printed by Broken Press.

(Personal milestone alert!) After years of attending the fest, I was asked to come up with some art to help promote this year's event. The result? The Debaclefest 2014 program!

Freak Scene East catalog co-curated by Rad Dudes Pat Auliso and Keenan Marshall Keller
Eye-melting documentation of an insane art show in Philly. 
Screen printed in two colors by Li Dernier cri(!)

The Portable Not My Small Diary
Collecting stories from the first 17 issues of NMSD. Essential autobio zine comix.
It's funny how my 2 pages in this book are based around 1996, which is the year the anthology started!
Published by Delaine Derry Green.

PORK #14 & 15
Holy shit I've been lazy...Two Porks have passed since my last update!

Hey, we made it to 10 issues! All thanks to editor Marc Palm
Here's some(kinda) recent press here, here and here.
Cover by Darin Shuler

Snake Meat #5 (SMT-061) 
Fold-out illustration zine, xeroxed on the expensive machines at Kinkos and cut/glued together by hand.
Each one takes about 15 minutes to make, hence the $$$!
$4 ppd. email: maxclotfelter(at)gmail(dot)com

(could it be?!?! Say it ain't so!) The final issue of WBG!
The brilliant hub of low-tech zine culture is unfortunately switching off the xerox machine(for now). 
Published by Buzz Buzzizyk
But who's gonna' hold down the fort in it's absence!?!?!

Ah Ha! Go check out this fantastic new zine, now.
Copy This!
"an info/news zine assembled by and for mini-comics fans"
Published by D. Blake Werts, 12339 Chelsey Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277 or bwertz(at)vnet(dot)net

Poster for Magmafest 2014
(Group effort on the production involving James Stanton, Kelly Froh & The Rabbid!)

And Finally, the monthly zine night DUNE is still rolling along every third Tuesday at Cafe Racer in Seattle. 
Lots of great covers lately by John Lee, Brandon Lehmann, Brian Beardsley, Lucas Cain, Karissa Smith, Michael O'Driscoll, & Lil Chan
(Some nice things written about the event here and here.)