2014 Wrap Up

Two-color screen-printed cassette art for Fungal Abyss and Hound Dog Taylor's Hand
Released by Eiderdown Records.
Printing by Broken Press.

Treasury of Mini Comics Vol.2 ed. by Michael Dowers
Published by Fantagraphics Books.
848 pages of mini-comic madness!
Reprints the entire first issue of Snake Meat.

I illustrated 2 scientists for the latest set of hand-printed cards in the series produced by J.H.
Keep Looking Up!

Pork #17!
Hobot grillin' out on the comix island.

Diaper Time Gang-Jam.

Party Box (SMT-63) 12pgs
The first 12 months of comics I drew for DUNE. 
$1.50 ppd. email: Maxclotfelter(at)gmail(dot)com

Twisted tales of falling on your face!
I illustrated an embarrassing two-page middle school memory.

Government Weed (SMT-62) 8pgs
Are you ready for the SHIFT?
$ .44 ppd. email: Maxclotfelter(at)gmail(dot)com

252 page tpb collects my back cover to issue #3 as well as an all new 3-pager!

DUNE #20-25
The monthly comix/zne jam just turned two years old!
Come hit up Cafe Racer on the third Tuesday of the month, 7-11pm.

Snake Meat #6 (SMT-64) 28 pages+pull-out poster
Own all the stuff you already saw on the Intruder Tumblr
$5.00 ppd. email: Maxclotfelter(at)gmail(dot)com

Mutant Funnies #5 ed. by Benn Ray
Fifty pages of gag humor published by Atomic Books!
Includes a single page of my vaudeville shtick. 

Selvaggio antologia Comic con oltre 100 artisi che illustrano l'apocalisse!
Include una pagina da Jack Davis!

Intruder # 11-13 ed. by Marc Palm!
Free to All!